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The idea of the film originates from producer Giovanni Capalbo, who envisioned an ancient world within the contemporary time of his native land: Lucania. The first draft of the story dates back to October 2014, when Fabrique Entertainment began to seek financial resources, and together with director Gigi Roccati started the development of the creative and artistic design of the project and the screenplay, working on the ground in the territory of Lucania. The project is supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture MIBACT, the Lucania Film Commission, the Basilicata Region, several municipalities of the Pollino Park, and by Fabrique Entertainment who invested in the film, joined by Moliwood Films who brought the collaboration with Rai Cinema and a private investor. The choices of locations and the casting lasted two years, as it was necessary to select emblematic locations and faces, to implement a sense of magical realism in this ancestral land. A land that can live or die, where the rural world struggles to survive.


 The soundtrack of the film is performed by folk musician Antonio Infantino who recently passed away, after giving an unforgettable moving performance as the old man awakening Lucia's voice. Also, the initial ballad is composed and performed by London guitarist Cypress Grove, producer of the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Session Project.

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52nd ANNUAL WorldFest Houston

Best Foreign Film

52nd ANNUAL WorldFest Houston

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